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Welcome to the Child & Family Counselling Center

  • Have you ever felt that you worry all the time?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed out?
  • Do you explode towards your children, friends or family and hurt the people you love?

At the Child & Family Counselling Center we have experienced Registered Psychologists and Registered Clinical Counsellors with years of psychotherapeutic experience, who can guide you in a compassionate, confidential, culture friendly way to full recovery to restore the love, laughter and joy in your life and your relationships.


  • Do you feel depressed, helpless and hopeless?

  • Feeling that life is not worth living anymore?

  • You have experienced a traumatic experience and your life spins out of control?

  • Can I ever recover from the abuse in my life?



  • My child is irritable, anxious and cry all the time.

  • My child has temper tantrums, seems angry and oppositional all the time!

  • My child is shy and clings to me when friends come to play!

  • My child is bullied at school.


Couple & Family

  • Are you stuck in a troubled relationship?

  • Are you living together in your close relationship like roommates?

  • No more fun and joy in your relationship with your partner?

  • Are you staying in the relationship with your partner for the sake of the children?

  • All good reasons to contact us today!!



  • My child has a problem to concentrate in class!

  • My child constantly gets in trouble for not listening in class!

  • My child has a tantrum when he has to do his homework!

  • My child gets very anxious about reading!

  • My child refuses to go to school!


Please contact the Child & Family Counselling Center today to discuss your situation or that of a loved one. You are not alone, and we are here to provide you with professional psychological knowledge, care and support, so you can restore your resiliency and utilize your heart, mind, and body and soul resources to thrive in your life.