Psycho-educational Assessment

Many people have various misperceptions about a Learning Disability like Dyslexia. Parents often think that their child/teen might be labelled and stigmatized at school. Luckily research has enlightened us to understand the significant challenges of a highly intelligent child/teen with a Learning Disability, like Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities. We now have excellent educational support strategies to guide the child/teen in their learning, from Kindergarten to College.

Children /Teens with learning problems often present with attention problems, memory problems, and low motivation for school work, under achievement in school or avoidant behavior with reading, written work or mathematics. They can also present with symptoms of anxiety, and low self-esteem, due to their sense of falling behind with their schoolwork when compared to the rest of the class. Children and adults with Learning Difficulties, ADHD or ADD has significant challenges in school. The emotional impact of these difficulties on a child is very overwhelming. They develop a lack of motivation for school, and they belief that they are not smart enough, which negatively affects their self-esteem, social confidence and level of competence.

Sophia has successfully worked with children, teens and adults with learning problems for the past 25 years. The Psycho-Educational Assessment is a comprehensive assessment battery to determine the child/teen/ adult’s cognitive abilities, perceptual skills, emotional and behavioral profile as well as their level of achievement in reading, written tasks and mathematics. With the results of the Psycho-Educational Assessment, Sophia can determine whether the child/ teen/adult can be diagnosed with a Learning Disability, like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Attention problems (ADHD/ADD) or motivational problems in school or college. This assessment provides parents with important knowledge about their child’s learning strengths and challenges to guide their child through their school career. Parents can also utilize the information about their child’s cognitive abilities, achievement skills, perceptual skills, attention and memory strengths and obstacles, to understand their child/teen’s learning style and give their child a head start in school.

With early diagnosis and treatment, children can understand their learning obstacles, overcome learning frustration, and regain their self-confidence and motivation for learning, to reach their full cognitive potential in school. The Psycho-Educational Assessment Report also assists the Teachers in school, to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for the child/teen/adult to support their learning. We also work in a multi-disciplinary team collaboration with the client’s Family doctor, or the child/teen’s Teachers, Occupational Therapist, or Speech & Audiology Therapists to develop a comprehensive Treatment Plan according to the child/teen’s unique learning profile.